Stanger Family Racing

Nostalgia Drag Racing

The Cars
The Crew

Our crew consists of or friends and family. Everyone volunteers their time and efforts for the sake of just having fun. Having these people around is what keeps us going!


Scott Stanger

    Driver-Bad Manners, crew chief

Jenny Stanger

    Driver-Bodily Harm, financial advisor, cook, travel agent, public      relations, and general helper

Larry Stanger

    Owner/driver-Ramrod, motorhome driver, public relations, and general helper

Verlene Stanger

    Owner-Ramrod, moral support, motorhome co-pilot, cook

Boyd Abercrombie

    Engine Guru, technical advisor, troublemaker

Mike Heare

    General helper, between round maintenance, polisher, golf cart driver, starting line helper

Loren Mills

    General helper, machinist

Jim Bodily

    General helper

As well as: Lori, Madison, and whoever else we can sucker into helping!